Islam (Devon Avenue, Chicago)

Abstract: Islamic centers and organizations along Devon Avenue in Chicago, Illinois

Type: Vector Data


Category: Place Locations

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Attributes: Name, Tradition, Group, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone, Website, About, Profile, PP ID#, Lat, Lon,

Data Quality Statement: Data points are derived from the Directory of Religious Centers found online at This resource continues to grow as new research is added and existing content updated based on research conducted by the Pluralism Project staff, interns, and affiliates.

Bounding Box: SRID=EPSG:4326;POLYGON((-87.702499 41.994797,-87.702499 41.997688,-87.689781 41.997688,-87.689781 41.994797,-87.702499 41.994797))

Native SRS: EPSG:4326